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side. >> good morning, washington. 4:59 on this thursday, july 28. i am scott thuman. >> thanks for waking up with us. i am pamela brown. the big story and today is the heat moving in again. steve rudin. >> another hot and humid afternoon. even harder -- hotter tomorrow and for the weekend. it's 80 degrees at reagan national airport. in the mountains to the west, martinsburg and winchester and cumberland and gaithersburg looking at morning temperatures in the 60's. we have the satellite and radar showing high pressure moving off the coast. that will signal a change in the wind direction. the lower michigan and northern ohio, there are storms that will fizzle out as a move toward us
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but the clouds will keep us a couple degrees cooler than we originally thought today. heat cranking up tomorrow for the daytime. highs this afternoon 89-94. in the overnight, skies clearing and the wind will change out of the south. the mid 60's to mid to upper 70's. 95-100 tomorrow with heat index around 105. letson an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. a quiet morning. metro rail, marc rail, vre texting in just fine, no accidents to report as far as interstate travel either. going south into richmond or north into baltimore all clear. out to the airport has been a pretty good ride. overnight construction on the beltway at 66 as well as 66 outside the beltway has been cleared away.
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we will look at one camera of the beltway near andrews air force base. more to come on the traffic scene, but now to a news. "the fighter" echinacea debt ceiling. a little < 5 days until america defaults, if the house is closed to voting on a contentious gop plan but it's not the end of the debate. now wall street is beginning to show serious signs of worry. we have the latest on this back and forth. good morning. >> good morning. the house will vote on a new plant of the speaker of the house today. john boehner hopes that some last-minute changes and harsh words will get his own party on board. he is blasting a clear message to fellow republicans, telling them on wednesday "i cannot do this job unless you are behind me." that seems to have gotten some of them on board. >> i am pretty hard-line conservative. i will support this.
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>> i am moving to leaning toward this. we have to take what we can get. >> the vote is scheduled for later today, entering within the republican ranks is still on display. >> it is unfair. maybe some people who have only been in this body seven months or so really believe it, but others know better. >> the speaker's plan would raise the debt ceiling in two phases and could cut $900 billion in spending. but president obama favors a bill crafted by harry reid that's moving through the senate. the senate is warning that john boehner's bill is dead on arrival. >> the bill remains a nonstarter in the senate and the president will never signed it. the speaker is wasting precious time. >> wall street is dancing around
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the ongoing debt debate. the dow dropped almost 200 points yesterday alone. if one financial analyst is warning that people should not have any market in the -- should not have any money in the stock market and they cannot afford to lose. we are on storm watch this thursday as texas appears for tropical storm don. much of the texas coast is already under tropical storm watch and this one is expected to make landfall friday night. people in galveston are keeping a close eye on the forecast. don is expected to stay away from the area, but emergency management teams are on alert just in case. new this morning, police are investigating a double stabbing in northeast d.c. a group of a young women became involved in a street fight last night. police arrived at the apartments on edgewood street and found two women with stab wounds. what was taken to the hospital
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with non-life threatening injuries and the other was treated at the scene. -- on e wase was taken to the hospital> police believe this man is responsible for at least five attacks at three shopping centers. he distracted young female shoppers and cut their backsides with a sharp object. they believe that he has a sexual disorder and is likely to strike again. a d.c. police officer accused of sexually assaulting three women while on duty and in full uniform is scheduled to be in court. larry say has several charges in connection with the incidents in 2006 and 2010. he threatened to arrest the women if they did not comply > we're learning more about the mount rainier police officer indicted on sexual assault and attempted murder charges. officer gene gillette allegedly
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lured a 20-year-old man into his home on july 2 to be part of an adult film with women. when the man realized it was just the two of them, he refused to be officer's sexual advances and try to leave. that is when the officers allegedly shot him. the officer had claimed it was self-defense. washington redskins getting ready to littlefield for the first time, but some major changes. the end of donovan mcnabb. they will trade the quarterback to minnesota. brianne carter is live in aspirants with that deal and the first day of training camp. >> good morning. we are finally talking football. not just football, but playing football getting the players back on the field after the walkout. now word that they could finally be at redskins park for the
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first day of training camp. after one year with the the burgundy and gold, donovan mcnabb is no longer going to be a redskin. he was traded to minnesota. in return, the redskins are giving two go-around draft picks. while he's a great player, some say that he was not the right fit in washington. some say it was never going to work from the beginning. they got clemons from a project to be the new quarterback. and-wilso josh wilson. and jeremy jarmon adnnd jabar gaffney. the first open day of training camp for the fans will be
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saturday, july 30. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. 5:07, 76 degrees. >> still ahead some truth in advertising. a hollywood star's makeup ad may never see the light of day. >> paying for parking or paying your tickets. drivers are getting a little break in the district. >> another heatwave takes aim at the metr
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there's a morning down one degree from last hour at reagan national. now 79 degrees. if there's cooler air off to the north and west. 64 degrees in winchester and martinsburg. heat and humidity are building. we will feel that a later this afternoon. 79 in indianapolis. if your travel plans take you to lower michigan this morning or this afternoon there could be significant delays at the airport. they have had several inches of rain and could pick up some more over the next few hours in michigan. high-pressure for us will move out of here and will move off
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the coast. the wind will turn out of the south and west. that's why the heat and humidity will start to build. 89-94 today. nighttime lows in the 60's and 70's. back to nearly 100 degrees tomorrow. what's going on in traffic? they are moving quite well a roundabout way. interstate travel looks good. metro rail reporting normal service. there's been an accident in southwest d.c., independence avenue near seventh street that is closed. new hampshire avenue, moving quite well. back to you. >> thank you. 5:12 76 degrees. >> coming up, bad news for purchasers with a week will power. shopping on-line just got even easier. >> first, the international
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space station's final destination and
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welcome back, everybody. checking our top stories house speaker john boehner is trying to round up enough votes to pass his bill? to solve the debt ceiling crisis. the house could vote on the measure today. it would raise the debt ceiling in phases and cut $900 billion in spending. some conservatives say it does not go far enough. the redskins will report to redskins park today for the first day of training camp. there will be plenty of new faces including wide receiver jabar gaffney, and brandon stoically and defensive linemen barry cofield.
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the international space station will be dropped into the ocean in the future. d.c. officials will announce that pay by phone parking is available pinball the city of's metered parking spaces. customers can sign up online for the system. once registered, they can use a mobile application, the internet, or toll free call to pay for parking. the district is giving drivers with outstanding parking tickets an incentive to pay. the city is launching an amnesty program starting monday. if you got a ticket before january 2010 you will not have to pay any late fees. the city hopes to take in at least $6 million. >> in the current economic climate we expect a number of people will take invented of this opportunity to clear their deskbts.
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>> officials believe most of the tickets were given to people that live outside d.c.. drivers that don't pay up could be booted or towed away or have thousands of extra dollars in fines. decaying infrastructure having a devastating effect on the u.s. economy. a report ssays decaying roads, bridges railroads, and transit systems are costing the u.s. $129 billion a year. that includes $97 billion for the cost of operating vehicles and $32 billion in travel delays. checking news around world china opposing premier vowed to punish those responsible if corruption is blamed for last weekend's deadly train crash. 39 people died and 200 injured when a two train collided in eastern china. officials are blaming the crash on human error and design flaws in signal equipment. norway's prime minister says that he's proud of the way his country has responded to last
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week's terror attacks. he also says that he wants his country to become more open and accepting. 76 people died in the shooting rampage at an island youth camp and the bombing in oslo. the accused attacker anders breivik has confessed but pleaded not guilty. two make-up ads featuring actress julia roberts and a model will not be seen in britain. the country band the magazine ads that you see here because they say that they were misleading. they say that the airbrushed images exaggerated the results of using the products. 5:18 now. buying online is just a flash. >> for the search for the best streaming music. rob nelson has the latest. >> a new service could make it easier to buy things online. it lets users make payments simply by holding their credit card in front of a web camera.
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this will not only speed up the payment process but will cut down on fraud. a music streaming service has been grabbing headlines but there's another new music service. turntable fm. what makes this one different is the social networking elements. >> is a mixture of social media and music in that is more of an event. you are in a room. you don't have to pay attention. but if you are the d-day, it will be your turn to put on a song and people can comment. there's more of a vibe of people havin andhaving a good time. it is free, but you have to be invited to join. i am rob nelson. it's not good. >> but better than last week. and it was 105 degrees with a
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heat index around 120. not like that today. we will look for better conditions as we move through the afternoon hours. just a few clouds and a little sunshine will keep our temperatures down a little. but tomorrow, it will feel hot and humid. it will only last one day really. looking at annapolis outside. almost sunrise. 79 degrees at reagan national airport at this hour. annapolis, 72, 69 in winchester, -- 59 in winchester. 74 in olney. 72 degrees in fredericksburg. in manassas, 68 degrees. gaithersburg at 70. our temperatures will slowly climb during the morning, but the cloud cover to the north will slowly drift to the south. partly to mostly cloudy skies in the forecast for today. that will keep our temperatures down a couple degrees in the upper 80's to mid 90's.
5:21 am
in lower michigan and northern ohio expects some delays. they're looking at heavy rain at this time. and for the next several hours. for us, we may have a shower or later on tonight on the 20% chance we will see anything. it will remain quiet and very humid for the day tomorrow. 89-95 today. tonight the temperatures will fall into the mid to upper 60's to mid 70's. tomorrow, once again 95-100 degrees. heat index will make it feel more like 100 t5. i was just thinking that when we are socializing, people say that you never talk about my street. you don't want us to talk about your street because that means there's something out of the norm. not much to talk about sex for anyone this morning.
5:22 am
the beltway is good, interstate looks great. out of waldorf to get to clinton, no complaints. looks good between prince frederick and andrews air force base along route 4. and here's a picture 270 out of germantown, very nice. back inside. >> looks good so far. 76 degrees, 5:22. >> the redskins' roster really beginning to take shape. tim brant breaks down which of yesterday's moves will have the biggest impact. >> today on "oprah," the one and only barbara streisand at 4:00 on abc 7.
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good morning, washington. donovan mcnabb has reworked his contract. and he will be sent to minnesota, to give the redskins a sixth round draft picks and a future conditional pick. he will be a great role model for a rookie quarterback named kristen. yesterday jack wilson of the maryland terrapins. he can catch. josh wilson will start opposite d'angelo hall. and there's jkevin barnes.
5:26 am
the nationals scored four runs to make it. a high fly ball back into the net. could not get it out. the nationals lowsnationals close to the fish. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour, a botched burglary. alex trebek finds itself in jeopardy after chasing a piece. >> the house is set to vote on a new bill by speaker bahaus john boehner, but will it be dead on arrival in the senate? that story's coming up. >> steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. daytime highs in the low to mid 90's today. are you ready for 100 degrees tomorrow? be
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> john boehner's plan, does it meet all the criteria i would like? no. but part of governing is to be able to say this is good enough to go forward. >> republicans united behind a deal but cracks are still showing and a deal could still be days away. good morning, washington. it's thursday, july 28. i am scott thuman. >> thanks for being with us. i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we are bracing for another round of stifling heat and humidity. let's go straight to steve
5:30 am
rudin for more. >> the heat and humidity will not last long, just through tomorrow. the temperatures in the 60's out to the western mountains 79 degrees at reagan national airport. satellite and radar show clouds of to the west and north of us will be on the way later this morning into the afternoon. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy for us today. high temperature in the upper 80's to mid 90's. cranking up the heat and humidity for the day tomorrow, high temperatures approaching 100 degrees. but the weekend is not so bad. we will look at that in a few minutes. first, good morning lisa baden. a smooth ride along the beltway between tysons and bethesda across the american legion bridge. looks good on route 7 between sterling and tysons. quiet is near dulles airport. in good shape on 95 and 66.
5:31 am
no accidents to report. these headlights indicate more your neighbors hitting the roads. marc rail, drv metro rail -- vre, and metro rail on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. cracking the whip on capitol hill. tensions are rising as the clock ticks. five days left before the u.s. defaults on its bills. nothis of votes that in the house, but it is almost dead on arrival. >> the heat is on. the house is set to vote on a new plan to raise the debt ceiling and keep america from defaulting. this plan is being peddled by john boehner. he hopes last-minute rewrites and harsh words will at least get his own party on board. he is not playing around, blasting a clear message to fellow republicans, telling them yesterday, "i cannot do this job unless you are behind me."
5:32 am
they will vote on that bill today. his message is getting through to some. many tea party people are still worried that the cuts don't go far enough. the white house is already threatened to veto. it would raise the debt ceiling in two faces and could cost $900 billion in spending. instead president obama favors a bill crafted by harry reid, moving troops senate where it's already being warned that john boehner's bill is already dead on arrival. wall street is dancing around the debt debate. the dow jones dropping almost 200 points yesterday. one financial analyst is warning that as we near the august 2 deadline people should not have any money in the stock market that they cannot afford to lose. abc 7 news reporting. >> thank you so much. back to the weather, we are on storm watch as tropical storm don bears down on taxes. much of the texas coast is under a tropical storm watch.
5:33 am
it's expected to make landfall friday night. people in galveston are keeping a close eye on it. it's not in the back of the storm, but emergency management crews are on standby just in case. investigators are searching for a suspect in a double stabbing in northeast d.c. police say that two people were stabbed when a group of young women became involved in a street fight last night on edgewood street. one woman was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and the other treated at the scene > a new surveillance photographs is available of a suspected serial slasher who has attacked women in fairfax county. police believe that this man is responsible for at least five attacks at three shopping centers. in each case, he distracted a young female shopper and then cut her backside with a sharp object. for more surveillance photos, log on to our web site, looking at the day ahead
5:34 am
preliminary hearing for three men charged with killing a d.c. man. a 19-year-old and another 19- year-old and a 21-year-olds are charged with killing a young man at hiscall last month. -- at his northeast home last month. they believed that one of the young man's mother is was raped. in another case, gene gillette an officer allegedly it lured a man to his house to make a pornographic video with some women, but then when the young man realized it was only the two of them, he tried to flee.
5:35 am
that's when officer gene gillette allegedly shot him. brianne carter has a look at the redskins dead. a lot of fans are excited that they will finally take the field. >> absolutely. finally to be talking football. now the lock out over, good news for fans. we just saw coach mike shanahan arrived for the first day of training camps. we will start to see players filing in. there are some familiar faces. and some of them leaving. after just one year in a burgundy and gold, donovan mcnabb is no longer a redskin. >> he's gone but it is a coaching decision. >> he has been traded to minnesota. and the redskins got a two low round draft picks. some fans say that he was not
5:36 am
the right fit in washington even though he's a good player. >> he has been mistreated badly in this town. so let him go. >> we have to move forward with the quarterback that is still on the roster. it's too bad they had to let him go. >> he will have a new contract and a new start to the year. the players will start arriving later today. for the fans wanting to get a glimpse at all the familiar faces and the new faces that will be competing a training camp, the first day open for fans will be this saturday, july 30. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 76 degrees outside. >> still ahead a long way for the next escalator. metro's new timeline for repairs at one montgomery county station. >> first another check on
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i am crystal with the ocean city beach patrol. digging holes in the sand can be dangerous. no deeper than the needs -- knees. >> good morning, washington. we will look for temperatures in the mid 80's at ocean city, rehoboth beat.
5:40 am
79 degrees at dulles. there are heated advisories and warnings for the middle of the country. he watches the in the philadelphia area. i anticipate heat advisory for the afternoon hours for us tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms across lower michigan and northern ohio. clouds in the forecast today will help keep our temperatures down a little, more than originally anticipated. highs today 89-95 degrees partly to mostly cloudy skies. for tonight could be an isolated showers 20% chance for we will see anything at all. tomorrow it's going to be hot and humid and daisy. 95-100 degrees. on the weekend, low to mid 90's. >> a check on traffic and weather lisa baden. there's a crash on 70 north of 40 in the meyersville area
5:41 am
and harmony road. no accidents on 270. a little slow traffic southbound approaching 109. looks good at democracy boulevard and across the american legion bridge. if no problems in or out of baltimore on the b-w parkway. southwest independence avenue at seventh street, there's a lane blocked because of an accident with a bus. 95 looks good as well as 395. back to news. 76 degrees, 5:41. >> coming up on this thursday, alex trebek finds himself in jeopardy in the name of fighting crime. we will tell you what happens. >> metro says that it will replace the escalators at one of its busiest stations. i am jummy olabanji in bethesda. we will let you know when the changes will happen
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welcome back, everyone. protecting our top stories on
5:45 am
this thursday, the house will likely vote today on john boehner's bill to solve the debt ceiling crisis. the legislation would raise the nation's debt limit in phases and cut $900 billion in spending. some conservatives oppose the bill because they say the spending cuts do not go far enough. it's the first day of training camp for the redskins. there will be plenty of new faces at redskins park. they picked up a wide receivers dante stalwarts, jabar gaffney and camero and others> officials say if there is too little scientific evidence linking cancer and tumors all the dust and rubble from 9/11 for those victims. metro says that is completely replacing broken
5:46 am
stairs systems, but it's not going to happen for another three years. jummy olabanji has what is behind the delay. >> it all comes down to money. metro does not have the money in the budget to fix these escalators until about 2014. at that time they plan to spend about $150 million, in the next five years, to rehabilitate and replace escalators and elevators across several stations. 213 is how many of the upstairs people have to climb at bethesda when the escalators are broken. metro escalator's brake down on average one every seven days to eight days. foggy bottom was the first to have its escalators replaced this year. next obelisks our pentagon and dupont station -- next on the list are pentagon and dupont circle. >> i am skeptical of anything
5:47 am
metro does. >> i am sure they can do things right if they put their minds to it, but usually they are not thinking. >> 23,000 people ride the metro at bethesda every day. i am sure all of them are looking for to a permanent fix at the bethesda metro stop. we spoke with richard saul's of metro. he says that they're looking to see whether or not the project can be accelerated sooner rather than later. -- richard csarles. pepco is threatening to cut off power to a local condo building on august 8. the drama is unfolding at the parkway condominiums in bladensburg. the building is $90,000 behind on its electric bill. the condo board says the bill has not been paid because most of the residents are in foreclosure or are behind on their condo fees. looking at news of
5:48 am
nomination major developments in the phone hacking scandal time rupert murdoch's media empire to 9/11 victims. attorney general eric holder says that he will meet with september 11 family members. investigators are trying to determine whether a police officer turned private investigator was approached by a journalist from nose of the world and offered to pay him to get private phone records of 9/11 victims. news corp. denies any wrongdoing. several people were arrested after a hollywood block party got out of hand. hundreds of people showed up for the event at the famous chinese beer. when police told them to leave many refused. police say that they started fighting throwing bottles smashing windows. officers in riot gear used beanbag guns to subdue them. fortunately, no one was injured. alex trebek went from game show host to a crime fighter. >> at 2:30 yesterday morning
5:49 am
chasing a burglar down the hallway at my san francisco hotel until my achilles' tendon ruptured and i fell into a heap. >> the 71-year-old game show host spoke about what happened during an event in san francisco. police arrested a woman suspected of stealing cash, bracelets, and other items from his room. the game show host is scheduled to undergo surgery tomorrow. it's going to be a warm day. >> another heat wave coming our way, but not as bad as last week. >> not as bad. >>for tomorrow -- but not so bad today, but it will be hot and humid. tomorrow highs around 100. each index readings around 105.
5:50 am
annapolis looks good right now out there. a few clouds beginning to roll in from the north and west should not pose any problems for us today. that will keep temperatures down a couple degrees, compared to what we originally thought. 79 degrees at reagan national airport. downtown d.c., 78 degrees. 91 degrees in rockville, i don't think that's correct. 70 at dulles airport, 70 in gaithersburg. 66 degrees in frederick. satellite and radar heavy rain in michigan and ohio. cloud cover now beginning to enter western maryland, allegheny and washington counties. not expecting any rain showers for the daytime today but we will have heat and humidity building as high pressure moves off the coast. the wind will change direction more out of the south and west. daytime highs tomorrow approaching 100 with a heat index reading around 105.
5:51 am
anticipated advisories for our area. for today partly to mostly cloudy. upper 80's to close to mid 90's. for tonight possibly a stray showers, 20% chance we will see anything at all. gradual clearing after midnight otherwise. 65-78 degrees. tomorrow, high temperatures near 100. the weekend does not look bad 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms, highs in the 90's. my now you are powerless over the traffic. i will take you quickly to heavy volume on northbound 95 in woodbrige. 66 eastbound in manassas, and a crash at 29. no accidents in and out of baltimore. the geico camera shows encore 270, more our neighbors on the road. metro rail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. cosmetics company mary cheh
5:52 am
is hiring workers at a record pace and the justice department is looking at another big change in lending practices at one bank. >> linda bell has more from new york. >> good morning. let's begin with that lender. taking a look at wells fargo. the justice department is negotiating with the vendor to resolve a row over whether or not the lender targeted black people for so prime loans. they still face a lawsuit by the city of baltimore. the suit alleges a practice of illegal or discriminatory mortgage lending, leading to foreclosures on wells fargo loans in minority neighborhoods. wall street will get a report on weekly jobless claims. stocks indicating a higher open.
5:53 am
mary kay is going strong after 50 years. many people are signing up to be independent duty consultants. in april the company hired 155,000 people. that is the largest monthly amounts in a decade. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53 on this thursday morning, 76 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washington" we will be right back.
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captioned by the national captioning institute 5:55 on this thursday morning. the mount rainier police officer is our top story on the serial slasher targeting women in fairfax is also getting a lot of attention. and yours are looking at our slide show of the baby boom at the national zoo. all? at an arlington man could win free rent for year end $10,000 just because he's a good roommate. >> a 25-year-old and his roommate entered him in a nationwide competition. they submitted a video showing him on loading the dishwasher, cooking and cleaning, and taking out the trash. they are convinced the video is the reason jess4ee is one of 11 finalists. >> a lot of them had laundry
5:57 am
lists of we are going to do this and that. >> he has until sunday to gather votes for its video online. the grand prize winner will be chosen by a combination of public votes and the judging panel. common information, log on to our web site -- for more information. >> if all that's true, he looks like a pretty good roommates. we are rooting for him. much more to come in the next hour. >> coming up on this thursday morning, george lucas loses a five-year "star wars" lawsuit. >> and a new start to the season for mike shanahan and the redskins. what can expect from training camp?
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead the debt showed them it's ridiculous lawmakers against each other and the clock. >> football fans, gear up as the redskins report to training camp without a familiar face. >> first, the mercury is climbing and the worst is yet to come. "good morning washington"starts now. >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your

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